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VTU Platinum Lodge

Turf, Mhondoro

VTU Platinum Lodge is a modern lodge in Mhondoro Ngezi, located in Turf. It offers accommodation to both business and leisure clientele. The lodge offers a child-friendly environment and thus, can cater for families, and also individuals, business travellers, holiday makers, churches, conference groups, amongst others. The lodge consists of 38 rooms and all are ensuite.

Check in time: 1400hrs

Check out time: 1100hrs


Standard Room

  • Bed only
    $ 65.00
  • Single Bed & Breakfast
    $ 75.00
  • Double Bed & Breakfast
    $ 85.00

Mini Suite

  • Bed Only
    $ 95.00
  • Single Bed & Breakfast
    $ 105.00
  • Double Bed & Breakfast
    $ 115.50

Food Menu

  • Breakfast
    $ 15.00
  • Lunch
    $ 13.00
  • Dinner
    $ 13.00


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