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Lunar Rainbow Guided Victoria Falls Tour

280 Holland Road, Victoria Falls

The Lunar Rainbow Guided Victoria Falls is conducted after sunset and is a surreal and magical night experience that awaits those who are lucky enough to plan their Victoria Falls trips to coincide with the full moon. For three nights each month (one on either side of the actual full moon date), the Rainforest is open for a dramatic lunar rainbow – a rare natural phenomenon (also known as a moonbow or lunar bow or white rainbow) produced by the moon rather than the sun (a solar rainbow). Just like its day-time equivalent, the lunar rainbow or ‘moonbow’ is created as light is refracted through water particles in the air, but instead of the light source being the sun it is now the moon.


  • • Lunar Rainbow Guided Victoria Falls

    Per person with a minimum of two pax: if client is one, he/she pays for two. Fee does not include National Parks fees/Entrance Fees.

    $ 21.00

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